Wax & Polishing Services



The professionals at Details Auto Salon have been masters in the craft of producing a flawless finish on your vehicle. From a basic polish, to a color sand & polish for your top show vehicle, we have done it all. For most vehicles, as a result of daily driving, snowbrushing, car washes, your cars paint surface can become tired & becomes dull and dingy. A power polish at Details Auto Salon can restore your cars showroom look, while removing the side effects everyday usage can leave on your cars paint surface. We can also remove most surface scratches, and offer compounding services with great results. We ask you to call us or stop by with your vehicle for an assesment of your specific needs.

~ Prices for Power Polishing start at $200 for most vehicles. Please contact us for more information & indivual prices if you require coupounding & scratch removal.

2 thoughts on “Wax & Polishing Services

  1. Hello,

    My name is Adam, and I have a 2016 VW Golf R. I have some water spots etched into the paint as well as some other marks. I am pretty sure I will need compound polishing. I was wondering what the cost would be to do my car? Also can you apply some sort of coating to prevent water spots and Bird poop etching into the paint?

    Thank you,

    Thank you for your question Adam! It would be best to call us and arrange a time you could drive by the shop so we can look at it in person and explain what you need to get it looking it’s best again.

    Scott – Details Auto Salon

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