New Vehicle Protection Packages


Vehicle Protection
At Details Auto Salon we are proud to offer LIFETIME WARRANTY on our New Vehicle Protection Products. When purchasing a new vehicle, your dealership will offer the same service, charging you hundreds of dollars for each product. We offer the smart consumer these products for wholesale pricing, rather than paying the mark up at your local dealership. Our complete NEW VEHICLE PROTECTION PACKAGE includes, Undercoating, Rust Protection, Paint Sealant & Fabric/Leather guard. In our Southern Alberta climate, these are essential for your vehicles long term care, and protecting your investment. Give us a call today to if you have any questions or concerns about our New Vehicle Protection Services today!

Full Protection Package ~ $500


Individual Pricing:

Undercoat – $200

Fabricguard/Leather Protection $100

Paint Sealant -$200

Rust Proection – $100



Why Protect?

Underbody metal panels are the surfaces most exposed to corrosive elements such as water and road salt, as well as abrasive elements such as sand and road stones.

The Solution

Our undercoating is a soft, flexable coating which contains rust inhibiting material for corrosion prevention. At the same time, underbody coating provides a “cushioning” effect to reduce road noise, an additional benefit you experience from the first day you drive your vehicle to the last.

Paint Sealant


Why Protect?

Exterior painted surfaces are subjected to many harmful conditions over the life of a vehicle.  UV radiation can cause deterioration of painted surfaces.  In addition, in everyday use, most vehicles are exposed to a variety of potentially harmful contaminants such as tree sap, bird droppings, road salt and grime.

The Solution

Our Paint Sealant is a durable, chemically inert coating which provides a barrier against the damaging effects of UV exposure and many other contaminants.  The coating contains materials which both asorb harmful UV rays, while at the same time increase the reflectiveness of paint surface, resulting in a brighter look.  The slick, non-stick nature of the coating also makes dirt and grime less likely to adhere to the paint surface, making it easier to clean.

Fabric & Leather Protection


Fabric & Carpet – Why Protect?

In everyday use, vehicle seats and carpets are exposed to spills of food, beverages, or various household chemicals.  If these materials soak into the fabric, the resulting stains can be very difficult to remove.  Dirt and grime can also penetrate and adhere to the surface of thte fibres, making cleaning difficult.

The Solution

Our fabric protector forms an inert, non-stick coating around the fabric fibres.  The coating is flexable, durable, and effectively repels most common stains, preventing penetration into the fibres.  Also because this barrier coating is non-stick, it has an exceptionally low tendency to attract dirt, so cleaning is much easier.

Leather & Vinyl – Why Protect?

Leather and Vinyl materials contain substances which make them soft and flexible.  Over time, some of these substances are lost due to evaporation, cleaning or wear.  When this happens, the vinyl and leather surfaces can become dull, more brittle and prone to creasing and cracking.

The Solution

Our leather/vinyl protector seals and supplements the natural oils in leather and the additives in vinyl used to soften the material.  The treatment increases the durability of the upholstery, keeping it soft and flexable, as well as helping to preserve the lustrous appearance of your new vehicle for the long term.

Rust Protection


Why Protect?

Interior metal surfaces are vulnerable to the most damaging rust problems.  Less protected than exterior surfaces with multi-layer paint and primer.  “Inside-out” rust can corrode metal panels, completely destroying the underlying metal before it is noticeable on the outside.

The Solution

Our Rust Inhibitor is a highly effective rust preventative coating applied to interior metal surfaces such as fenders, door panels, trunk and hood cavities to prevent corrosion from starting and spreading to a destructive stage.

6 thoughts on “New Vehicle Protection Packages

  1. I’m looking at getting a full new vehicle package completed. I have Friday November 25, 2022 off and was wondering if there are any openings. Also how long does it take and I will have it washed the day prior so it’s dry when I bring it in. Sorry for putting this in the comment log but I couldn’t find and email contact.

    • Hello Roger!

      We can absolutely accommodate you on the 25th. Perhaps best to also give us a phone call as well if you’d like (403) 381-4221. It’s ideal to drop it off the night before (Thursday end of day) if it’s wet/snowing so it’s fully dry for the undercoating on Friday. If the weather holds, dropping it Friday am (9am onward) is just fine. If you’d like to go ahead with the protection service please feel free to call us to confirm and we can discuss any further details with you over the phone as well.

      Thank you so much,
      Tammi & Scott
      Details Auto Salon

      • What’s the time frame? I won’t have a ride back to coalhurst so I will have to wait around. I can drop it off at 9am dry.

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